FakeWatch Africa
Website to provide multimedia training and resources for fact-checking and investigations.


China's Post-Covid-19 Plans for Central Asia
Online event looks at how pandemic will affect future economic interests in the region.


Georgians and Ukrainians Search For Justice
Film event brings both communities together to discuss how to support lasting peace.





    Covid-19 and the Two Faces of Cuban Medicine
    While Havana sends help abroad, medical staff at home are overburdened and under-resourced.


    President Dodon met with the head of Moldovan Metropolitan Church, Vladimir on 15 July 2020. (Photo: presedintie.md)


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    Religious institutions appear to amplify Russian propaganda as crisis mounts.


    Ani Ovannisyan pictured near her base. (Photo: Arshaluys Mghdesyan)


    Women in Armenian Army Fight for Change
    State encouraging more female participation in country’s military.




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    For some, Narimanov is an inspirational role model. For others, he was a Communist traitor.




    Iraq: IWPR Mourns Hisham al-Hashimi
    Death of analyst comes as severe blow to freedom of expression and peaceful coexistence.
How We Will Meet the Coronavirus Challenge

The need for factual and fair reporting is more important than ever.

Anthony Borden IWPR Executive Director
6 April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global crisis of health and the economy – and of information. Rumour and misinformation, fake news and propaganda, spread even more quickly than the virus itself, undermining health strategies, sowing confusion, costing lives.

Amid the tragedy, the need for factual and fair reporting is more important than ever. Citizens need to be informed, officials need to be questioned, human stories need to be told.

While the international focus for now may be on the United States and the European Union, the varying responses – and the enormous risk – in the rest of the world are no less urgent. If ever the world faced one problem together, this – along with climate change – is it.

Local voices of independent media and civic groups around the world are therefore absolutely essential, but they face fresh and sharp challenges. How will the virus impact conflict zones, and especially those at particular risk such as refugees – and how can these issues be safely reported? How can reporting and engagement continue under social distancing and lockdown? What are the specific information and approaches essential to urgent health and public policy reporting? Will repressive regimes exploit the pandemic to crack down further on freedom of expression?

银河vp安装包Rumour and misinformation, fake news and propaganda, spread even more quickly than the virus itself, undermining health strategies, sowing confusion, costing lives.

At IWPR, we have had to shutter our ten coordinating offices, and are working virtually. Yet our team of 150 around the world, and our dozens of partner organisations, continue to support vital local partners, independent media and forthright civic activists as they continue their efforts and in many cases pivot to cover the pandemic.

Through a series of research initiatives, IWPR is coordinating an international network of institutes, universities and other partners to monitor disinformation around the world and analyse trends and impacts around messaging on Covid-19.

Across Asia, we are working with a range of groups and individuals to strengthen community responses to news manipulation around the virus, and are supporting journalists and other opinion formers to investigate and report to regional audiences on the crisis and governmental responses.

Spanning the broad Southeast Europe and Eurasia region, we are assessing and comparing public health strategies, highlighting human impacts and holding governments to account for their emergency responses. (Armenia: Can Government Popularity Weather Covid-19?) We are tracking the impact of Russian disinformation in fuelling panic and seeding public distrust in national governments (Georgia: Is Russia Exploiting Coronavirus Fears?) or how the virus is impacting complex regional economic and social ties (Coronavirus Tests Central Asia’s Strength).

In former conflict areas, we have even found good news, with former political foes in the ethnically riven state of Bosnia and Herzegovina finally uniting for the common good (Bosnia: Coronavirus Forces Rare Moment of Unity).

In the Middle East and North Africa region, independent voices are also finding common purposes with official efforts. (Coronavirus Cannot Kill Our Spirit). In Iraq, IWPR’s longstanding network of journalists and leading opinion formers have dedicated themselves to supporting public health efforts. Indeed, in several countries in the region, civic activists are now cooperating with governments that only weeks ago were trying to supress their protests. (Iraqi Champions Fight Coronavirus Crisis).

In some Latin American countries, heads of state have been using their propaganda machines to spread disinformation about how individuals should tackle the virus, as well as their government's response. IWPR is supporting a coalition of independent media outlets in Latin America to coordinate coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure people get the most up-to-date and accurate information possible – including providing fact-checked information on infection levels and republishing key stories to ensure they reach as wide an audience as possible.

We’ve also partnered with a group of 15 social media influencers with broad youth appeal in their respective countries to develop online campaigns to ensure young people are also informed about how to best face the pandemic.

CSGO未解之谜——VP的真正实力CSGO官方网站 - 反恐精英 ...:2021-11-6 · 在10月26日的震中杯比赛上,Virtus.pro完成让一追二,力克成立不久的银河巨舰Faze。面对这样一支全明星阵容的战队,VP虽然以2:16的比分输掉第一局,但是随后力挽狂澜,赢下比赛。Virtus.pro谜一样的强力发挥又让观众不禁疑问:VP的真正实力到底是怎样

Like educational institutions worldwide, however, IWPR is working via video conferencing, online platforms and other dedicated technologies, sharing vital resources, monitoring health and safety, supporting those ill or otherwise affected and continuing intensive training, mentoring and content production. We have not, and will not, go away.

Part of the “exit strategy” from lockdowns and from the crisis as a whole must be free and fair information to empower and involve the global public – for now, and for the future, helping courageous local voices to drive change in their communities wherever they are.

The future will bring a new normal that cannot yet be confidently described. But with nearly three decades’ experience in dangerous environments, IWPR teams at the frontlines will stay the course, innovating creative and often courageous solutions to support independent local voices in challenging environments around the world.

It is truly one world now, and all our futures depend on it.



The National

Conflict journalism needs a code of ethics and needs it now

The Guardian

Yes, Iranians can protest against both US intervention and their government

The National

Can an outsider get to the heart of a story as well as someone personally affected?


Opinion: Why Are Israel's Top Holocaust Scholars So Willing to Deny This Genocide?


Defending Media Freedom


The U.S. Killed 300 Iranian Citizens. Americans Don't Remember This—But Iranians Do


She was injured in an attack and is threatened, but the Afghan journalist Mina Habib continues to write critical stories.


Revealed: Facebook hate speech exploded in Myanmar during Rohingya crisis

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  • IWPR training session in Kafr Nabl, Syria. (Photo: IWPR)
    Syria: Empowering Women Through Journalism

    “We fight a criminal regime as well as society’s restrictions.”

  • 佛跳墙最新破解版
    FakeWatch Africa

    Website to provide multimedia training and resources for fact-checking and investigations.

  • Central Asia, Covid-19 and Climate Change

    Event hears that falling oil and gas prices may be a barrier to implementing greener policies.

  • Central Asia: Could Covid-19 Fuel Autocracy?

    Expert event explores the impact on regional development and democracy.

  • #ViolenceIsWeakness campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence both during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.
    Iraq: Activists Join Police to Combat Domestic Violence

    Fears that the toll from abuse during lockdown could be higher than from the virus itself.


As coronavirus sweeps the globe, IWPR’s network of local reporters, activists and analysts are examining the economic, social and political impact of this era-defining pandemic.


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International Women's Day 2020: Each For Equal

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